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Radin Inten II International Airport (IATA: TKG, ICAO: WILL), formerly WICT (we still used WICT, next we'll update), is an airport that serves the city of Bandar Lampung in Lampung, Indonesia. The name is taken from Radin Inten II, the last Sultan of Lampung (possibly a vassal of the Banten Sultanate). It is on the Jalan Branti Raya in Branti, Natar, northwest of Bandar Lampung in the South Lampung regency. The airport serves the Lampung area, as it is currently the only commercial airport in the Lampung province. Radin Inten II Airport in Lampung Province is a public airport organized by the Technical Implementation Unit ( UPT ) of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation .

Formerly called Branti Airport, the airport was built by the Japanese in 1942 on the midst of World War II to combat the Allied forces. It serves as a home base of several Japanese airplanes and warplanes. After Indonesia declared independence, the airport was taken over by the Indonesian Air Force. At that time, the airport still have not served any commercial planes. In 1955, the management of the airport was handed over to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, since the Indonesian Air Force moved their air base to Astra Ksetra Air Force Base in Menggala, North Lampung Regency. In 1963, Branti Airport was handed over from Air Force to the Lampung Residency.

In 1976 the construction of the runway and the apron was completed, and it was inaugurated in June 1976 using the Fokker-28 MK-3000 aircraft. From 1984 to 1987 the runway was extended 330 meters to the extent of which the runway reached 1,850 meters. On May 22, 1995, a new terminal was completed and inaugurated by Minister of Transport Haryanto Dhanutirto. The name of Branti Airport was changed to Radin Inten II Airport.

Radin Inten II Lampung also had six consecutive years between the airport of hajj embarkation since 2010 until now by quotas for the number of pilgrims who dispatched as many as 6,282 person per year, while for pilgrims Lampung that waiting lists are currently more than 80 thousand people. The waiting time for the pilgrims for their turn to go Hajj is approximately 16 years of waiting.

We created this Scenery supporting with SODE, Please install SODE first before running Simnesia Product Installer. 
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Available Since: 02 May 2019

Product Features

  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • Night Environment
  • Precision

Product Requirements

SimObject Display Engine
Prepar3D v4
Prepar3D v3
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or faster
Video Card: DirectX 11 or higher
Provide Storage: 500 GB Hard Drive Space

Delivery Method: Direct Download

File Size: 605.86 MB

Base update for FSX SP2:

Minor Update at Sept 5, Documentation and AFCAD component.
on 05 September 2019 05:02 EDT

Minor update to improve realism.
on 08 May 2019 04:38 EDT

Base update for P3D v3:

Minor Update at Sept 5, Documentation and AFCAD component.
on 05 September 2019 05:04 EDT

Minor update to improve realism.
on 08 May 2019 05:07 EDT

Base update for P3D v4:

Minor Update at Sept 5, Documentation and AFCAD component.
on 05 September 2019 05:03 EDT

Minor update to improve realism.
on 08 May 2019 04:41 EDT

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Suroboyo Simulation Indonesia

SuroboyoSim started out in 2016 as a developer of the addons sceneries of Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d. We build our scenery using 3D software design and improving realistic building and textures. In addition, we continue to develop products for the home consumer market and company.

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Dedi Kurniawan

21 September 2019 06:34 EDT

Ridho Robby
cool product!
20 September 2019 02:07 EDT

Ferry Libra
31 August 2019 14:26 EDT

Benedictus Nathaniel
Always love a very detailed scenery, and this is no exception. Everything was modelled, even the benches inside the terminal are visible from the cockpit! After a few updates, however, I expect the scenery to be slightly more FPS-friendly for mid to low-end computer like the one I use. Otherwise, great job.
27 August 2019 13:17 EDT

Lendy Pradhana
it was really lagging, i just had 5 fps and i use p3dv4.1. Do you have any solution with my paltform?
27 August 2019 07:17 EDT

Kevin Adria

22 July 2019 16:07 EDT

Muhammad Didi Muchtar
08 July 2019 12:03 EDT

Firhat Satria

08 July 2019 11:39 EDT

Chandra Jonatan

08 July 2019 09:38 EDT

Samsu Bahri

05 July 2019 22:05 EDT

Ikang Pratama

29 June 2019 08:24 EDT

Rudy Ardianto

28 June 2019 05:21 EDT

Reynaldi Iskak
23 June 2019 04:50 EDT

Alexander Tyo

19 June 2019 18:29 EDT

Muhamad Farhan Gunantika
Scenery mantulll
15 June 2019 09:30 EDT

Agung Kurniawan
Finally I found the new one, good job with your nice and fps friendly scenery
13 June 2019 19:46 EDT

Marthunis Az

13 June 2019 04:10 EDT

Muhammad Hanif Arrafi

08 June 2019 00:25 EDT

Nafi Suling
Nice modeling and texture, kedepannya mungkin bisa ditingkatkan model jetway nya dan agar dynamic lighting diperbaiki lagi
06 June 2019 07:13 EDT

Muhamad Iqbal Maulana

05 June 2019 19:42 EDT

Martinus Tukiran
satisfy, no complain, keep make for other cities.....
02 June 2019 23:06 EDT

Yosafat Saragih

02 June 2019 09:09 EDT

tri sandi fernandheaf

02 June 2019 03:58 EDT

Ray Dotulung

02 June 2019 00:02 EDT

Iwan Yulianto

29 May 2019 02:47 EDT

Anwar Vari
Detail ok, nyaris sama dengan Radin Inten II. Sangat very good. Sayang untuk install nya rada ribet, dengan segala secret passwordnya (yang tidak bisa di copas juga textnya). Moga-moga ada update untuk AFCAD.
28 May 2019 11:54 EDT

Razaan Botutihe

24 May 2019 23:17 EDT

Raia A

10 May 2019 10:07 EDT

Aman Dara
10 May 2019 09:17 EDT

Ridho Sanaky
overall keren
10 May 2019 08:44 EDT

Vino Alviano

10 May 2019 07:06 EDT

Nandika Wahab

07 May 2019 10:20 EDT

Yanuar Gyan Ramadhan
Scenery yang ringan tetapi penuh dengan fitur seperti dynamic light, sode dan lain lain. keep it up guys.
05 May 2019 11:18 EDT

Hizkia Ezra

05 May 2019 05:35 EDT

scenerynya joss gandos, after salesnya jg bagusss
04 May 2019 23:35 EDT

Fikri Azka

03 May 2019 07:33 EDT

Muhammad Sauqy Daffa Riyadi

03 May 2019 07:14 EDT

Zil Antoni
Scenerynya bagus, ditunggu scenery bandara lainnya dari subsim
03 May 2019 06:44 EDT

Fida Perkasa

03 May 2019 02:57 EDT